A complete crypto tax solution

A partnership with ACCOINTING will help your users import their cryptocurrency transactions into your tax software platform with minimal effort and you will be able to promote your platform as a state-of-the-art tax preparation tool to our tens of thousands of crypto users.

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The Crypto Tax Preparation Challenge

Benefits of working with ACCOINTING.com

Most accurate solution
We calculate all types of taxable crypto income and have a very accurate and user-friendly review process.  We produce specific reports and tax compliant calculations for Australia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the USA and the UK, with more countries coming soon.
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We partner with BDO and other top CPAs

We have partnered with BDO to assure that all calculations are up to date with the current tax regulations. We have up to date educational materials that are available to you and your users.
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We already support APIs to all the major Crypto Exchanges

Supporting an API for your tax software company will be a straightforward process - we have years of experience working with and creating APIs.
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Improved market position

Having an efficient and smooth data transfer for crypto transactions creates a better product for your customers and improves your image in a growing market segment.

Growth oportunities through strategic partnership models

Custom Discount Codes
Manual Data Entry
CSV Upload
Full API Solution.

Most competitive and affordable crypto tax package

We are looking for companies like yours: tax preparation software companies that want to expand their customer base and services. If you’re looking to expand your business, you can apply for a corporate discount to gain access to the best discounts in the industry. Our representatives are available to help you get started.
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You’re in good company!

We work with tax software providers worldwide to help them create a seamless
process for importing crypto data into their platform, allowing users to file their taxes easily. Join our network and be part of the future of accounting.

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