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Accointing Crypto Tax Advisor Network (ACTAN) is a group of top crypto tax experts around the globe helping crypto traders with a complete solution for their crypto tax filing needs. Work in collaboration with your client and file their crypto taxes faster than ever

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Just getting starting? is the easiest and most accurate tool that lets your clients calculate their crypto gains and losses - while you do their taxes. Get Discount Codes for your clients in your name and  have the chance to earn commissions.

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Perks and Benefits

Q&A marketing initiatives with around 150,000 potential customers
Cryptocurrency knowledge exchange with industry subject matter experts
Branded crypto tax articles through a newsletter to a 75,000 Audience
Exchanges, wallets, and crypto news sites networking potential
Expert profile in one of the biggest crypto tax tools in the world

What is expected from you as an ACTAN Member?

Join our Telegram Group and Community Board and help out with basic information
Become an ambassador - if you see someone with crypto tax issues, let's help together
Build marketing campaigns together - the best way to adoption is education

ACTAN Premium

Collaborate with us in joint initiatives with our growing user base and help us educating more and more people regarding crypto taxes. Join us in webinars, AMAs, or write articles informing our users about crypto taxes.

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If your resources are limited, we want to help you. Get a discount for your users and provide added value to your customers by offering the best tool at the best price

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Become an ACTAN member in 3 steps

Show your interest to help crypto traders
Interview for a partnership and fill out our form
Be promoted in our network in your selected country

Here are some of our current crypto tax partners worldwide

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