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Accointing Crypto Tax Advisor Network (ACTAN) is a group of top accountants and tax experts around the globe helping crypto traders with a complete solution for their crypto tax filing needs. Work in collaboration with your client and file their crypto taxes faster than ever.

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Easy data input and connections

Let your clients use the platform to get their crypto transactions into and calculate their crypto gains and losses,  and then send it to you - so you can file their taxes.
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Simple and accurate

Get all the information you need from your clients on a single summary report - the detailed data can be uploaded in a csv form to your tax software - or added to their tax return as a PDF.
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Best in the industry

We are proud to collaborate with BDO, one of the leading accounting firms worldwide, and be part of several cryptocurrency associations and tax software organizations with the highest standards and reputation.
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Offer our crypto tax solution as part of your overall service

We offer you the possibility to offer the Professional Packages on a 30-day credit by signing up to our pay later model, allowing you the flexibility to leverage on our service first and pay later.

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Get a substantial discount code in your name for your clients.
Provide your clients with  free Accointing packages and get billed later with a discount.

Create your own referral link. You get discounts for your customer and you can earn commissions per sale.
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Most competitive and affordable crypto tax package

We are looking for companies like yours: tax preparers that want to expand their customer base and services. If you’re looking to expand your business, you can apply for a corporate discount to gain access to the best discounts in the industry. Our representatives are available to help you get started.
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We work with companies across the world helping thousands of crypto traders file their taxes. Join our network and be part of the future of accounting!

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